Your New Meeting Assistant is easy to use and removes all the distractions of conducting a meeting on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or in person by automatically providing detailed notes and insights!

Capture Every Word with Transcription & Recordings accurately transcribes your entire conversation allowing you never to miss a word. It also saves a conversation recording that you can review at any time!

Summarized Just Like a Human Assistant understands your conversations and their context. It then crafts an accurate and thorough conversation summary so you can easily share it with others or find it again later!

Understand Important Details & Suggestions

As listens, it takes note of important items or actions you need to take after the meeting. It also creates insightful and creative suggestions based on the context of the conversation!

Understand Your Participant's Sentiment listens carefully to determine their sentiment towards the subject matter as your participants speak. Was someone pleased or displeased when you talked about your new product? Did they show a particular affinity towards a competitor? will let you know so you can take action!

Craft Perfect Followup Emails in a Single Click

At the end of the meeting, with just a click, you can have craft the perfect follow-up email summarizing the conversation and any key takeaways they need to know.

Intelligent CRM

Automate First-party Data at Scale

Capture intelligent artifacts from meetings such as topics discussed, people, locations, prices, products, and competitors. Combine them with sentiment and trigger intelligent actions at scale.

Store and Update Contacts Automatically

As you hold meetings, automatically adds meeting participants as leads in its built-in CRM. Every session, note, and other metrics are automatically added to each contact.

Every Contact Tells a Story

Each contact contains your primary CRM data such as email, role, organization, etc. adds additional intelligent layers such as sentiment-over-time, product and competitor affinity, topic affinity, and more. In plain English, it also crafts and updates a summary of who the contact is and what their most actionable business interests are with your organization.

Integrates With Your Favorite CRM currently available to integrate with Zoho., salesforce and hubspot are coming soon, please see product roadmap. To access API, please contact us.

Productivity Tools provides users with powerful AI-driven search capabilities. Bluecap’s deep understanding of context helps you find exactly what you’re looking for without complex filters or search queries. Simply type what you want.

Easily Keep Track of Your Tasks

Easily track tasks with our built-in card-based task tool. Quickly turn key takeaways into tasks and assign them, with references to the meeting it originated, to yourself or team members!

Never Miss an Opportunity

Quickly turn meetings and contacts into deals that can be easily referenced and assigned to team members. 

Business Intelligence

Explore potential or implicit risks and opportunities automatically analyses your recent meetings and builds trends to highlight opportunities and risks. It doesn't just regurgitate phrases from discussions; it explains the risk or opportunity in plain English with references!

Activate Qualitative Insights at Scale

Dive into conversation analytics and answer complex questions. Explore what drives meeting and business outcomes, how customers perceive your brand versus your competitors and discover new product or service trends. 

Coaching & Feedback

Understand Your Performance and Improve

Sometimes we can lose track of our performance when talking to clients or coworkers. measures several data points like sentiment, tone, and inclusivity to let you know where you could use some improvement or if you should maybe take a slower schedule for a bit!

Navigate Social Complexity with Confidence

Navigating the social complexities of organizations can be daunting. tracks metrics like leadership, inclusivity, and teamwork to provide coaching and suggestions to help you and your team be at your best.

Works With Your Favorite Services

Directly Integrated to Google Workspace and Office 365 will never miss a meeting thanks to its integration with your favourite productivity suites. Simply tell to join every meeting on your calendar or just the ones you own, and it will join at the scheduled time.

Sync Your Data with Zoho CRM

Automatically have your and Zoho contacts synced and get intelligence directly inside Zoho CRM. This allows you to use their affinity and meeting data in your CRM automation workflows!

Bring Where You Work with Jira Software directly integrates with Jira to allow your created tasks to sync both ways. It also brings all relevant meeting data to each task card in Jira!

Custom Integration API always listens for customer feedback on your daily tools and platforms. Our team of integrators works tirelessly to expand our integration library, putting a strong emphasis on immediate client and prospective client requests!