Relationship Intelligence
At Scale

Through a deep A.I. understanding of language, emotion, and human behaviour, bluecap™ empowers enterprises to augment capabilities. Measure and nurture relationships with empathy, enhance corporate culture and harmonize better outcomes.

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Insights Without Labour

The concept of digital transformation has long been synonymous with digital labour - one must spend copious amounts of time curating data in labyrinthian CRM systems. bluecap™ utilizes A.I. to automate the lion's share of the work to drive better internal compliance and consistency.

A Diligent Note Taker

It all starts with the physical manifestation of bluecap™, your agent and assistant. bluecap™ agent joins your interactions to perform assistive tasks for you and your participants and extract telemetry without any intervention!

Meet Your New Assistant

Once your agent has listened attentively and observed your participants, bluecap™ takes on the executive assistant role to give you an executive summary and a full transcript of the interaction. bluecap™ also leverages its understanding of language and context to present you with every salient point of the meeting you should take note of, including important people, action items, background information, past and future important dates, and follow-up actions.

Relationship Intelligence

One of the most challenging problems facing enterprise is a lack of tools to fully understand the interpersonal relationships and social cues that make up your bottom line. Every business activity generates a plethora of information, and meetings shouldn’t be the exception.

Relationship Management Reimagined

bluecap™ puts a strong emphasis on relationships. bluecap™ automatically adds everyone you meet to your list of leads and contacts with little to no human intervention removing the need for meticulous or tedious data entry after every meeting. Our A.I. then analyzes every datapoint to provide you with a complete historical profile of your contacts' sentiment towards almost any business objective. At a glance, identify threats in positive sentiment towards competitors or opportunities through positive sentiment towards your products or initiatives.

Every Contact Has A Story

It's increasingly common to see contacts as raw data in a CRM, a collection of data points that could lead to revenue, but this is not the whole story. The classic CRM is excellent at keeping track of data, but does it have the emotional intelligence necessary to gauge risk or opportunity properly? bluecap™ applies contextual emotional intelligence to understand how clients feel about you, your staff, products, competitors, and more.

Build Trust Through Empathy

The data provided to you about each of your contacts lets you deeply understand their likes and dislikes, their problems and successes, and their general response to your interactions. bluecap™ lets you interact with your contacts with empathy, allowing you to use these emotional queues to adapt to their unique situations.

Fostering an Inclusive
and Innovative Culture

Employees are increasingly expecting more flexibility from employers, and workplaces are responding to this by offering hybrid workweeks to an increasing number of workers. While this is a boon for employees, it creates a sometimes complex dynamic between team members on-premises and working remotely.

  • Inclusive and Ethical Communication

    As organizations strive to be more diverse and inclusive, employees need crafted/curated/proactive coaching to maintain effective communication. bluecap™ gives team members gentle nudges during and suggestions after meetings to help them improve their speech and communication to be more inclusive and ethical. Team leaders can also see how their team is doing to better plan training and messaging.

  • Visibility Independent of Location

    An age-old problem in any organization is proper attribution and recognition of ideas. This has become an even more significant problem in the remote and hybrid work world as employees become less visible to team leaders. bluecap™ helps managers and leaders see the complete picture of members’ contributions to conversations.

Intelligent Automation at Scale

Collecting data is only half the challenge. Once information is collected, it tends to become somewhat of a vault, a dark corner where data gathers dust. bluecap™ is constantly processing all collected data to drive intelligently aware and context-sensitive automation that increases productivity, augments employee potential, and decreases relationship volatility.

Analysis Trained by Experts

The key to our success is A.I. models trained by industry leaders. bluecap™ empowers teams at scale through coaching and intelligent suggestive actions in ways even an expert leader could not! While an expert in any domain could potentially reform and refine an organization's process over many months and years, A.I. models trained by experts can be applied immediately to augment your entire team.

Risk and Opportunity Automated

A large part of managing potential and existing clients is knowing how to detect risks and opportunities pre-emptively. bluecap™ automatically analyzes these risks and opportunities to provide you with assistive alerts that prompt you to take recommended actions with potentials. bluecap™ can also take pre-approved measures to reduce risk or take advantage of the opportunity. This automation maximizes your responsiveness through cognitive intelligence while reducing or eliminating your time reviewing client files and reducing lost opportunities.

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