Bluecap works with Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet
Your New Meeting Buddy automates note-taking in meetings, generates meeting key takeaways, gives insights into participants' emotions, and helps you get more done.

How It Works is easy to use and removes all the distractions of conducting a meeting on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or in person by automatically providing detailed notes and insights!

Invite Bluecap

Tell Bluecap how to join your meetings automatically through your calendar or invite it manually through the dashboard interface.

Focus On Your Guests

Now that Bluecap is here, sit back and have a great meeting with your guests! Bluecap will take care of the tedious stuff and record all the important details and provide you with a full transcript and recording.

Get Your
Notes and Insights

Once your meeting is over, Bluecap will send you an email with all your important details and a link to your dashboard where you can review everything in detail.

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Your Conversations are Private and Secure

The platform is designed with complex data governance in mind. You have complete control of who gets to see your meeting data. All data is encrypted at rest with 256-bit AES encryption and in transport with 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption. also uses Google's industry-leading Cloud Armor protection and takes a zero-trust approach to security.

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CRM with unlimited contacts, deals and tasks management. Get up to 2 hours of Conversation Intelligence every month.

Process additional hours on demand at $6/hour. Up to 20 GB of video storage.


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Boost you and your team with team analytics and unlimited Conversation Intelligence.

Unlimtied video storage.

I used to measure meetings based on what I used to think.  Thanks to, now I know how they went with insights. Bluecap helped us increase close rate and retain more customers.
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Jesse Perreault
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