Make Meetings Actionable

September 4, 2022

Imagine having an assistant trained to understand your meeting context, priorities, extract key takeaways, transform and distribute them across your workflows.

The meeting is a staple of modern society. No matter what line of work you’re in you’ve probably had a meeting with someone. Compatriots, overlords, underlings, clients, etc – all excellent candidates for meetings. Most of these people don’t want to be there. Let’s unpack this a bit.

How can we exchange ideas and collaborate effectively without meetings? Well, we can’t. There are no ancient rituals to beam information directly into each other’s minds and there is no technology we can simply plug into. I admit, I may have been watching South Park and the new Matrix trailer prior to writing this, the quickening and plugging in would be excellent! But, I digress, the meeting is our best tool. So why is it loathed so?

Increased Clarity is Essential

Simply put, it’s poor planning, execution, and results. Better meetings are essential for productivity and well being. Previously we’ve talked about how bluecap™ summarization saves you copious amounts of time and lets you conduct your meetings better through being attentive. Today let’s talk about what comes after the meeting.

Have you ever left a meeting and thought to yourself “what do we even do next?” This isn’t typically a personal problem. Many meetings have no clear conclusion or actionable items. Without these things what was the point of meeting in the first place? While we all love to chit-chat once in a while, we feel better with clear and concise outcomes.

As always we’re looking out for the health of your organization. Better meetings means better outcomes. Sentiment is a powerful tool for getting to know your audience and finding the right way to convey your message!

What bluecap™ does to solve this is analyze the transcript of the meeting and pick out open-ended or actionable items that are then compiled into a handy list for clarification or action! This list can be edited to your liking and then sent to some or all of your participants. bluecap™ also learns to make better suggestions for action items the more you use it and provide it with feedback. That’s part of what makes bluecap™ intelligent!

We dream of a day when every meeting has a clear beginning and end, conducted efficiently and attentively. Perhaps this is a path to something bigger, a greater world, or perhaps it will be this world but slightly less filled with drudgery!