Enhanced, Not Replaced

September 4, 2022

How Bluecap.ai Strives to Use AI to Augment A User’s Ability Not Replace Them

The rapid advancement of technology has always created instability in society and the job market. History is littered with professions that have completely disappeared, so being apprehensive about new technologies is not an unwarranted response. Many new AI technologies will inevitably reduce or eliminate positions in our society.

Historical Reference

Consider the plight of the lamplighter. A profession 500 years old at the time of its decline. The lamplighter would be responsible for lighting the thousands of candles or, later, gas lamps that would illuminate the various communal spaces of a city. This was commonplace throughout the world until the advent of electric lighting following Thomas Edison’s invention of the lightbulb. In a matter of decades the profession was all but eliminated.

Artificial Intelligence is in some ways comparable to Edison’s lightbulb in that it takes laborious tasks and handles them quite well without human intervention. In the same way a city could now be illuminated with the flip of a switch, massive amounts of data can be combed through and value extracted with little more than a prompt or preparing some training data.

Another Side of History

In other ways, AI is a different beast entirely. There have been many solutions to the question of productivity and labour throughout history. While many were unsustainable or downright wrong, some were quite ingenious, like the domestication of working animals. There is evidence of animals being used for farm work and moving heavy loads as early as 3000BC Mesopotamia.

Animals are often used to augment the abilities of humans in agriculture. Where a group of farm hands could carry a few cart loads of grain in a day, horses or oxen could pull many wagon loads in the same time allowing farmers to cultivate more land and be more productive. In the grand scheme of things planting and growing crops is a far more important and skilled task than simply carting grain. Animals, followed by steam power and the internal combustion engine, allowed farmers to advance their craft and improve society.

Our Modern Context

That’s all well and good for oxen, horses, and farmers – but what about today’s workers? Artificial intelligence is closer to the draft animal than the light bulb. Products like bluecap™ aim to enhance your abilities. You see, when you consider what your value is in your organization, is it your ability to type or talk that brings the most value? In the majority cases the answer is no. You bring unique experience, years of training, natural talent, and any number of other factors that make you valuable. These skills need to be directed towards performing at your best during a meeting while the simple things like taking notes, summarizing meetings, and recording action items can be handled by your handy bluecap™ assistant.

Bluecap™ also shines when it comes to analysis. You could spend hours putting together data and preparing reports to quantify the outcome of a meeting. But that would be a waste of your time. bluecap™ is constantly measuring and recording data points needed to properly measure outcomes. Bluecap™ then uses various AI models to interpret the data and provide you with reports you can use to make adjustments to your own performance.

The goal of AI is to improve the capabilities of organizations. It’s a truly symbiotic relationship, without you the AI has no purpose – without AI you have a lot of work on your hands.